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    And what is the policy of hatred? Do reminders of the crimes that were made in the past is evidence of hatred or are evidence of devotion homage to the victims of crime and the expectation of atonement families of the victims?

    Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania patrioci uk

    Somehow, no one criticizes Israel and the Holocaust reminds. You may wake up "patriots" and begin to take care of the interests of the Polish state and not private interests at the bar richer neighbors from the East? Surely everyone in Poland SHOULD scream with Soviet Russia had not only murdered Polish officers in Katyn but also occupied for 45 years, Poland. That Poland was paying the greatest tribute to build the Soviet empire. Until there is a settlement of the Russia- successor of the USSR Soviet looting, until Poland will not be a free country. Those who do not want are the agents of the service economy Soviet Russia. President Kaczynski was heading to in order to gradually make such decisions with Russia finds Katyn crimes as crimes against Poland, and later I was going to get on with things Yalta, unfortunately death ended it wszystko. Uklad Warsaw wanted to conquer the world and had the means to do it. USSR built on millions of murders. Despite this, we are happy that does not release us as we wyzwalalismy Iraq! In Iraq, the goal sanctified the measures as in Katyn - to reach the right thing from our point of view aims devoted to the life of approx. 10,000 military and civilian Americans, life and other coalition approx. One million Iraqi people. If applied to Hussein's tactics, which liberated Poland, then you need to cool for zginelloby but far fewer people.

    Hussein was extremely weakened, limited its internal terror to a minimum. Moreover, it was the only one in the Middle East leader, who forced the secular nature of the state and assured the equality of rights of women and other religions. His minister intl. Was a Christian. When recently the Christians wanted opouscic Iraq for fear of the threat after the overthrow of Hussein, the government of Iraq pray to the West not to accept any Christians, because it would deprive a large part of Iraq's elite, and promised to provide them security. Iraq was and is a country in which Christians formed the mainstream part of the elite. Hussein escaperoom persecuted a large part of the religious fanatics who want religious wars between sziitami and Sunnis, persecuted, therefore, the same people, whose race today in Iraq the United States. Hussein vantage equality of rights of Iraqi women: approx. 33% of doctors in Iraq that were for Hussein women. Omitting shared war US and Hussein against Iran (part of which was gassing cooperating with Iran civilian Kurds), the crimes of Hussein were not so great as to justify the size of calamity, who was convinced by his overthrow. Converting to Polish conditions - whether we would like to regain freedom before, but for the price the death of approx. 2 million Poles and hundreds of thousands of disability?

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