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    In the US itself invented lest his serve with Russia play areas wasalskich states. In 2008, they used to Georgia. Georgia lost territory. In 2014 Ukraine used. Ukraine lost its neighboring territories. Now they instigated Baltic States and Poland to the conflict with Russia and allegedly May we defend when Russia attacking us.

    Because Poland is the gold and silver and platinum. Oil and gas and diamonds. A room escape Warszawa przewszystkim are long about whom Putin dreams to make them pay off. That is why we must assault and ally across the ocean will be defended us. And when it comes to the conflict will be a conflict Russia-US nuclear potecjalnie and in Polish. As a result, Poland will disappear from powierzchi and all poles, inches 38 million.American imperialist military has an agreement with Iraq and 14 military bases in the region . And despite the terrorists under the flag of ISIS they took the field inspections in Iraq PZY passive attitude amyrykanskiego imperialism and ally Iraq, whose government has chosen American imerialista set and controls . " Polish Forces Agreement de facto provides Americans immunity , the grounds are made available to the US Army for free at construction sites ( " shield " ) does not apply Polish law , staying there the soldiers and civilians do not pay Polish taxes and penalties, fines and mandates , resigned escape room from the right to accept the letter arriving to our staff , 25% of the cost of compensation for any American wrecking borne by the Polish side . " ( Agnieszka Wołk - Łaniewska ,

    " No," No. 23 of 06.03.2016 ) "

     for Polish sa hope. Hope that when Germany are at a revision of Yalta which is only a matter of time before American imperialist their support .

    Who gave the right to Polish vassals teeth ryzykowc country and the life of all Poles?

    Why Polish vassals do not know the realities. Russia supplies 98% of the needed oil, 70% gas, plus dostacza coal and electrical energy. In one day maybe it to close and Poland lies. And room escape when Russia will withdraw his signature from the Yalta Germany will enter and reception Field Polish. Reszata itself will die.

    Disposal USA strives to unleash the next war in Europe and Polish vassal strives how can that this war was in Poland. Disposal USA is treacherous stuff to the Polish and Europe.

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