• Keleti

    What is the share of Hungary and the responsibility of Hungary for a scene which globliści unleashed in the Middle East.

    What is the participation of Polish and other countries in the brawl and crime.

    Accepting the conditions that Poland imposes a loss of globalism is proof of ability to distinguish between actions undertaken in their own interests from actions taken in the interest of the colonizer. Poland "exports" of young people to work hard in the west of the EU, and is forced to accept people from outside, which must be taken to maintain, because they were the first few years for anything, not suitable. They do not know the language, some can not even count, they have no professional training.

    So in practice Polish business done with the EU?

    Poles emigrated to Western Europe can not be compared to the scandal which planted the Global banksterzy Europe. This morning I spoke on the radio that the wife of Ferenc Gyuercsanya was Keleti and met with families who spent a fortune to buy a ticket and was not allowed to train. They went to the cashier to get the money, it turned out that they can draw up to 3,000 forints (about 10 euro), as someone wants more of it you have to go to the board the station. They went to the board, and there they gave to fill out a form several pages in Hungarian, then dealt to 30 days and as przyslługuje send Cashes return it to your bank account or to a Hungarian address. After this information the family wept and everyone departed with tears in his eyes. The next day the local station (MAV) abolished the withdrawal limit at ticket counters and can return Dowon amount for unused tickets.

    Everything is reportedly on Facebook at p. Klara Dobrev (wife of former Prime Minister)

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