• crash


    After each crash is the first assist attack, but in the Russian media from the beginning was going to tell all the wine pilot Before any investigation has not started yet. Is not that suspicious?

    Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania iluminaci

    Maybe in the Moscow subway two trains collided, surely it can also

    I tell whether the outbreak or disaster people die.

    And maybe the Russians faking an accident and they took the whole plane intact to check and commanders on the interrogation of the deepest state secrets? Thus far there is their bodies, and a heap of scrap shown in the pictures did not indicate that the remains of a presidential plane. But that there was such a national scale is our fault.

    Several times was a discussion about planes, you know what standards of travel figures state there are, indeed! even before they were failures and disasters on a smaller scale.

    And we, unfortunately, we approached this dismissively, according to the old proverb, "nobles on horse  and ... somehow there will be."

    So we threw the dice luck and this time came out number one.

    People will be traced and seek to force any explanations, even irrational, only just to stave off a social complicity, and that it away from directly responsible for it, that ruling.

    The need for classical courage to admit a mistake, do not play blame someone for something, rather smacks of cowardice and immaturity. Conspiracy theories thrive along with man. Sometimes they are quite absordualne and sucked, but sometimes real. Unfortunately, in room escape order to verify the facts you should read a lot and look for yourself. Media fool and show what you inflicts their owners. Just read a read about the Bilderberg Group, Illuminati, Freemasonry (http://iluminaci.pl) and its huge impact on the economy and politics of states. How they influenced in the past. As the information before they were mocked as conspiracy theories and późnij turned out to be true, however. yet thanks to the free trche central transmission of the Internet can be a little something to read.

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