• battleship

    "With all the options available, I stick to the course of the German battleship."

    It is true that lately (from the Greek crisis), some make fun of comic German political correctness but regardless of whether I am deeply convinced that the fate of Europe (EU) depends on Germany.

    And not just from the government but from what is in this country's political history, which ferments there, what hatches. Also, as an alternative to the current political course in Europe.

    It's far more important for the situation in Poland than local elections.

    So, I think that should go over the German battleship. "Today Russia is the key to Europe's security. Firstly, energy security, because of Russian energy resources depend on the production capacities of European industry. Secondly, as you can see physical security, for the Russians a real fight against terrorism, where the West proved to be helpless and indeed ridiculed and discredited.

    What will be in this situation with the position of our country, which is likely to happen this calamity that will rule alone right? Specifically, how you will behave the president Duda, supported by right-wing government Szydło lady and the new foreign minister in a new situation in which not only did no one wants to die for Ukraine, but above all counts realpolitik in the region. "

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