• Hello everyone I live in Germany for three years and I have a problem that badly parked the car this called the police because the car on Polish tables it behaved as I would mother them killed, and I say you have bigger problems the mandate of the pay is not as Poles look down now will well below the usual guys and where are these ... y where hooligans Merkel is outraged, you're not supposed to. After all, she invited Muslims to siebie.W Germany there is no free media and democracy! 5 days poróbowali mute, but among the victims were two tourists from Japan, and they have informed Japan of the incident and then it came through the Internet to be great. Bry. then to England, Polish, well, the Germans had to tell. Europe should intervene! Send the code to Germany let convince the Islamists that women do not raped, let them fight for German democracy! But their "they enriched" he he will say yes, arabusy perfect knowledge so that they can do as they do and they will do as long as permission .Mogę to bet that the only thing that the German government will do this within the framework of solidarity with the victims of rape are caught each other's hands and parking in silence for a minute.

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  • When you can not beat someone, you have to join, and do not shout about the injustice of the world.

    Patter will not help, only a spoiled brat spanking can earn.

    If the German system works, as well as Scandinavian, then you need our unify the better. Including the minimum wage, legal solutions, the organization of the State. Our own model deviates significantly from the standards.

    What these differences are fairly easy to describe.

    The problem is that such a change will take a generation or two.

    A cross-party consensus in this term is the well-known Poles contentiousness impossible.

    Syndrome vicious circle ... ..

    Our reforms put an end to many sectors of the economy operating well, replaced by self-development credit. We are living beyond their means.

    The politician who proposes austerity, it will be finished.

    Do not count so that so brave to be found.

    They have children, debts, unleashed consumer needs. I understand that in terms of Stalingrad battle, battle, the outcome of which is still unknown.

    To comfort a brief course of the so-called Battle of ACTA:

    "On behalf of the European Union in the process of drafting the agreement was attended by members of the European Commission and representatives of the EU countries under the leadership of the country performing the Presidency. (...) The lack of transparency in the conduct interviews and difficult access to materials negotiating gave rise to criticism from Parliament. The final version of the agreement received the support of 24 November 2010 RW On 16 December 2011 the Council of the European Union also adopted a final agreement. (...) The adoption of ACTA by the EU Council was made during the Polish Presidency. (...)

    January 26, 2012 on. The European Union and the 22 Member States (excluding Cyprus, Estonia, Germany, the Netherlands and Slovakia) have signed an agreement ACTA. On behalf of the Polish government signed an agreement Polish ambassador to Japan, Jadwiga Rodowicz. 4 July 2012. The European Parliament rejected the agreement in the plenary session, 478 voters were against the treaty, 39 and 165 MPs abstained. "

    So chocholi dance passengers of the Titanic still take some time.

    For now playing music ....

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  • "With all the options available, I stick to the course of the German battleship."

    It is true that lately (from the Greek crisis), some make fun of comic German political correctness but regardless of whether I am deeply convinced that the fate of Europe (EU) depends on Germany.

    And not just from the government but from what is in this country's political history, which ferments there, what hatches. Also, as an alternative to the current political course in Europe.

    It's far more important for the situation in Poland than local elections.

    So, I think that should go over the German battleship. "Today Russia is the key to Europe's security. Firstly, energy security, because of Russian energy resources depend on the production capacities of European industry. Secondly, as you can see physical security, for the Russians a real fight against terrorism, where the West proved to be helpless and indeed ridiculed and discredited.

    What will be in this situation with the position of our country, which is likely to happen this calamity that will rule alone right? Specifically, how you will behave the president Duda, supported by right-wing government Szydło lady and the new foreign minister in a new situation in which not only did no one wants to die for Ukraine, but above all counts realpolitik in the region. "

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  • I want to just have a normal life. A wife, a house, Yellow Dog, as American films.

    - Labrador - I say.

    - Labrador. I'm running away from my own country before the Islamic Shithead, and here we all are afraid that I am an Islamist, and they set fire to Europe. I'm going to Sweden, there is still, and I want tranquility. That is to say - he says - I hope I'm going to Sweden. "

    And there is a problem. Fleeing from war, but instead of enjoying that hit the area safe, they want straight away to Germany or Sweden counting on the "American dream". Hungarians angry Serbs were ok, but I do not even crossed my mind to stay with them. Instead they appreciate that they came to a place where it is peaceful yet already they want more. They want to. And someone told them that everything must be earned? They can count on the free gifts of German and Swedish governments, not coincidentally countries known to be high socjalu?

    PS escape from Islamists to ... Sweden? Of Sweden, which is one of the most popular European countries for the Islamists? Interesting ... Just little in the logiki.Niestety to insensitive racists and xenophobes none of it and so does not arrive. They will still write about nasty US and international finansistach, frighten the wild hordes flood and the end of our world and our civilization. Unfortunately, it is a matter of sensitivity or lack thereof. Someone who is devoid of any feelings of empathy no rational arguments do not convince, because he is not thinking rationally. He is guided only by their phobias and prejudices.

    The good news is that according to recent studies, most Poles are favorable to immigrants. This is not just a word for all kinds of forums or social media, where it reigns supreme hysteria and phobia. By the way, interesting sociological and psychological issue. Why is the Internet so there are only active men full of prejudice and hatred? Why is this minority sets the tone for public debate?

    PO politicians behavior only confirmed what I knew always that the party is only a milder variation of the same formation as the PiS. The presentation by the media of both formations, as extremely different is not serious. Both parties are terribly smug and conservative. Today we can clearly see the lack of a strong formation in Poland leftist and conservative, but in the Western civilized release.

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  • What is the share of Hungary and the responsibility of Hungary for a scene which globliści unleashed in the Middle East.

    What is the participation of Polish and other countries in the brawl and crime.

    Accepting the conditions that Poland imposes a loss of globalism is proof of ability to distinguish between actions undertaken in their own interests from actions taken in the interest of the colonizer. Poland "exports" of young people to work hard in the west of the EU, and is forced to accept people from outside, which must be taken to maintain, because they were the first few years for anything, not suitable. They do not know the language, some can not even count, they have no professional training.

    So in practice Polish business done with the EU?

    Poles emigrated to Western Europe can not be compared to the scandal which planted the Global banksterzy Europe. This morning I spoke on the radio that the wife of Ferenc Gyuercsanya was Keleti and met with families who spent a fortune to buy a ticket and was not allowed to train. They went to the cashier to get the money, it turned out that they can draw up to 3,000 forints (about 10 euro), as someone wants more of it you have to go to the board the station. They went to the board, and there they gave to fill out a form several pages in Hungarian, then dealt to 30 days and as przyslługuje send Cashes return it to your bank account or to a Hungarian address. After this information the family wept and everyone departed with tears in his eyes. The next day the local station (MAV) abolished the withdrawal limit at ticket counters and can return Dowon amount for unused tickets.

    Everything is reportedly on Facebook at p. Klara Dobrev (wife of former Prime Minister)

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