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    Hello everyone I live in Germany for three years and I have a problem that badly parked the car this called the police because the car on Polish tables it behaved as I would mother them killed, and I say you have bigger problems the mandate of the pay is not as Poles look down now will well below the usual guys and where are these ... y where hooligans Merkel is outraged, you're not supposed to. After all, she invited Muslims to siebie.W Germany there is no free media and democracy! 5 days poróbowali mute, but among the victims were two tourists from Japan, and they have informed Japan of the incident and then it came through the Internet to be great. Bry. then to England, Polish, well, the Germans had to tell. Europe should intervene! Send the code to Germany let convince the Islamists that women do not raped, let them fight for German democracy! But their "they enriched" he he will say yes, arabusy perfect knowledge so that they can do as they do and they will do as long as permission .Mogę to bet that the only thing that the German government will do this within the framework of solidarity with the victims of rape are caught each other's hands and parking in silence for a minute.

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