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    Bankruptcy is a normal mechanism in the market economy.

    Enables a new start .

    The most important lest the Greeks Do not leave en masse from the country (especially the young ), and to enable their active participation in the economy.

    For now after 5 five years - Greek gopodarka simply does not work.

    If you need a drachma why not .

    Country zbiedniej but will be relatively more competitive and thanks to this situation will shoot in August - otherwise just can not.

    Greece can not compete with the Germans or the performance or technical capabilities.

    Maybe the price .

    The EU is more than the Euro .

    I really do not see the reason for hysteria .

    Germany went bankrupt in the twentieth century, twice, and twice pardoned them long considerably higher than Greece and today Germany is an economic  escaperoom powerhouse .

    What would be

    If it were not spared the debts in the past ...Everyone is wondering what losses may be suffered by the banks but somehow nobody talks about those who produced and delivered the goods to the Greeks and got behind him, issued by these banks 'paperwork'.

    From all this escapes being of the economy - PREPARATION goods and servicesContacts the needs of society.

    As a result of specialization and division of labor - one group produces a product or service, the other - something else and mutually exchange. Created the need for dealer that sparing manufacturers in a mutual exchange.

    To facilitate the exchange of (not always the one that I need a product needs a product that I offer him) invented money, which are nothing but CONTRACTUAL symbol values. He himself no value in use does not have.

    Exchange between groups MUST be balanced in a shorter or longer period of time.

    And this is the basic principle that you must follow.

    Unfortunately - the world economy has evolved in this direction, that the main role of the "conductors" of the economy took those who do not produce anything useful or just "print" money.

    And what if you find proverbial Chinese, the end is the supply of goods for the "paperwork" and either give other goods to exchange or "smash up". May pretty absorbent own market and exchange will only be with those who give something real exchange.

    So what do all those, which brought out their production facilities to countries where cheap labor?

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