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    This is the announcement that capitalism begins in France end, that people no longer sufficient scraps supplied to them by the so-called. the welfare state, that they want more, knowing well about the huge difference between what they produce and what they get for their work. Change existing labor law speaks for itself. Capitalism is about to begin; the Victorian. The influx of immigrants and the increase in unemployment is conducive ago to enter "śmieciówki" in the place of permanent employment contracts with bene- to easily slow down and hire employees, and that trade unions had nothing to say. Millionaires, for facing the US could not endure that Brazil began to be interested in the poor population.

    Besides it became independent in relations to American banks. US can not digest most organizations BRICS, which approached Brazil with Russia. They organized a coup, luckily there was no bloodshed, as in Ukraine. Currently, the government is illegal. Thank God was parked on a side track, after the operation Lava Jato, which slowly discovers what she was capable of PT. Corruption that ruined the largest companies and state banks, all to finance perpetuowanie parti PT. Milardowe loss of more than 10 million released by the stagnation. Only someone who lives here, knows what has caused this was a left-wing terrorist, which now makes the sacrifice. She and her ideological godfather Lula da Silva will be judged yet, come forth affair about whom they knew perfectly well, but as always concealed, because surely ideological struggle was more important. Long to write here, it is important that nobody here not violated the Constitution, regardless of the views (see civilized Poland). Brazil needs to change, and these, unfortunately, could not guarantee the PT, Dilma passed away, and with thousands of partyjniackich parasites, what they wanted to do with Brazil's second Venezuela, and in the future Kube. Argentina coped, Brazil also can handle. PT time, which is a populist now the inspiration of PiS, ended up on the trash of history. The same awaits Kaczynski and his parties. Populism loses to the economy, the economy.

    ślub na dominikanie

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