• battle

    When you can not beat someone, you have to join, and do not shout about the injustice of the world.

    Patter will not help, only a spoiled brat spanking can earn.

    If the German system works, as well as Scandinavian, then you need our unify the better. Including the minimum wage, legal solutions, the organization of the State. Our own model deviates significantly from the standards.

    What these differences are fairly easy to describe.

    The problem is that such a change will take a generation or two.

    A cross-party consensus in this term is the well-known Poles contentiousness impossible.

    Syndrome vicious circle ... ..

    Our reforms put an end to many sectors of the economy operating well, replaced by self-development credit. We are living beyond their means.

    The politician who proposes austerity, it will be finished.

    Do not count so that so brave to be found.

    They have children, debts, unleashed consumer needs. I understand that in terms of Stalingrad battle, battle, the outcome of which is still unknown.

    To comfort a brief course of the so-called Battle of ACTA:

    "On behalf of the European Union in the process of drafting the agreement was attended by members of the European Commission and representatives of the EU countries under the leadership of the country performing the Presidency. (...) The lack of transparency in the conduct interviews and difficult access to materials negotiating gave rise to criticism from Parliament. The final version of the agreement received the support of 24 November 2010 RW On 16 December 2011 the Council of the European Union also adopted a final agreement. (...) The adoption of ACTA by the EU Council was made during the Polish Presidency. (...)

    January 26, 2012 on. The European Union and the 22 Member States (excluding Cyprus, Estonia, Germany, the Netherlands and Slovakia) have signed an agreement ACTA. On behalf of the Polish government signed an agreement Polish ambassador to Japan, Jadwiga Rodowicz. 4 July 2012. The European Parliament rejected the agreement in the plenary session, 478 voters were against the treaty, 39 and 165 MPs abstained. "

    So chocholi dance passengers of the Titanic still take some time.

    For now playing music ....

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