• And what is the policy of hatred? Do reminders of the crimes that were made in the past is evidence of hatred or are evidence of devotion homage to the victims of crime and the expectation of atonement families of the victims?

    Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania patrioci uk

    Somehow, no one criticizes Israel and the Holocaust reminds. You may wake up "patriots" and begin to take care of the interests of the Polish state and not private interests at the bar richer neighbors from the East? Surely everyone in Poland SHOULD scream with Soviet Russia had not only murdered Polish officers in Katyn but also occupied for 45 years, Poland. That Poland was paying the greatest tribute to build the Soviet empire. Until there is a settlement of the Russia- successor of the USSR Soviet looting, until Poland will not be a free country. Those who do not want are the agents of the service economy Soviet Russia. President Kaczynski was heading to in order to gradually make such decisions with Russia finds Katyn crimes as crimes against Poland, and later I was going to get on with things Yalta, unfortunately death ended it wszystko. Uklad Warsaw wanted to conquer the world and had the means to do it. USSR built on millions of murders. Despite this, we are happy that does not release us as we wyzwalalismy Iraq! In Iraq, the goal sanctified the measures as in Katyn - to reach the right thing from our point of view aims devoted to the life of approx. 10,000 military and civilian Americans, life and other coalition approx. One million Iraqi people. If applied to Hussein's tactics, which liberated Poland, then you need to cool for zginelloby but far fewer people.

    Hussein was extremely weakened, limited its internal terror to a minimum. Moreover, it was the only one in the Middle East leader, who forced the secular nature of the state and assured the equality of rights of women and other religions. His minister intl. Was a Christian. When recently the Christians wanted opouscic Iraq for fear of the threat after the overthrow of Hussein, the government of Iraq pray to the West not to accept any Christians, because it would deprive a large part of Iraq's elite, and promised to provide them security. Iraq was and is a country in which Christians formed the mainstream part of the elite. Hussein escaperoom persecuted a large part of the religious fanatics who want religious wars between sziitami and Sunnis, persecuted, therefore, the same people, whose race today in Iraq the United States. Hussein vantage equality of rights of Iraqi women: approx. 33% of doctors in Iraq that were for Hussein women. Omitting shared war US and Hussein against Iran (part of which was gassing cooperating with Iran civilian Kurds), the crimes of Hussein were not so great as to justify the size of calamity, who was convinced by his overthrow. Converting to Polish conditions - whether we would like to regain freedom before, but for the price the death of approx. 2 million Poles and hundreds of thousands of disability?

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    After each crash is the first assist attack, but in the Russian media from the beginning was going to tell all the wine pilot Before any investigation has not started yet. Is not that suspicious?

    Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania iluminaci

    Maybe in the Moscow subway two trains collided, surely it can also

    I tell whether the outbreak or disaster people die.

    And maybe the Russians faking an accident and they took the whole plane intact to check and commanders on the interrogation of the deepest state secrets? Thus far there is their bodies, and a heap of scrap shown in the pictures did not indicate that the remains of a presidential plane. But that there was such a national scale is our fault.

    Several times was a discussion about planes, you know what standards of travel figures state there are, indeed! even before they were failures and disasters on a smaller scale.

    And we, unfortunately, we approached this dismissively, according to the old proverb, "nobles on horse  and ... somehow there will be."

    So we threw the dice luck and this time came out number one.

    People will be traced and seek to force any explanations, even irrational, only just to stave off a social complicity, and that it away from directly responsible for it, that ruling.

    The need for classical courage to admit a mistake, do not play blame someone for something, rather smacks of cowardice and immaturity. Conspiracy theories thrive along with man. Sometimes they are quite absordualne and sucked, but sometimes real. Unfortunately, in room escape order to verify the facts you should read a lot and look for yourself. Media fool and show what you inflicts their owners. Just read a read about the Bilderberg Group, Illuminati, Freemasonry (http://iluminaci.pl) and its huge impact on the economy and politics of states. How they influenced in the past. As the information before they were mocked as conspiracy theories and późnij turned out to be true, however. yet thanks to the free trche central transmission of the Internet can be a little something to read.

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  • Hello everyone I live in Germany for three years and I have a problem that badly parked the car this called the police because the car on Polish tables it behaved as I would mother them killed, and I say you have bigger problems the mandate of the pay is not as Poles look down now will well below the usual guys and where are these ... y where hooligans Merkel is outraged, you're not supposed to. After all, she invited Muslims to siebie.W Germany there is no free media and democracy! 5 days poróbowali mute, but among the victims were two tourists from Japan, and they have informed Japan of the incident and then it came through the Internet to be great. Bry. then to England, Polish, well, the Germans had to tell. Europe should intervene! Send the code to Germany let convince the Islamists that women do not raped, let them fight for German democracy! But their "they enriched" he he will say yes, arabusy perfect knowledge so that they can do as they do and they will do as long as permission .Mogę to bet that the only thing that the German government will do this within the framework of solidarity with the victims of rape are caught each other's hands and parking in silence for a minute.

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  • When you can not beat someone, you have to join, and do not shout about the injustice of the world.

    Patter will not help, only a spoiled brat spanking can earn.

    If the German system works, as well as Scandinavian, then you need our unify the better. Including the minimum wage, legal solutions, the organization of the State. Our own model deviates significantly from the standards.

    What these differences are fairly easy to describe.

    The problem is that such a change will take a generation or two.

    A cross-party consensus in this term is the well-known Poles contentiousness impossible.

    Syndrome vicious circle ... ..

    Our reforms put an end to many sectors of the economy operating well, replaced by self-development credit. We are living beyond their means.

    The politician who proposes austerity, it will be finished.

    Do not count so that so brave to be found.

    They have children, debts, unleashed consumer needs. I understand that in terms of Stalingrad battle, battle, the outcome of which is still unknown.

    To comfort a brief course of the so-called Battle of ACTA:

    "On behalf of the European Union in the process of drafting the agreement was attended by members of the European Commission and representatives of the EU countries under the leadership of the country performing the Presidency. (...) The lack of transparency in the conduct interviews and difficult access to materials negotiating gave rise to criticism from Parliament. The final version of the agreement received the support of 24 November 2010 RW On 16 December 2011 the Council of the European Union also adopted a final agreement. (...) The adoption of ACTA by the EU Council was made during the Polish Presidency. (...)

    January 26, 2012 on. The European Union and the 22 Member States (excluding Cyprus, Estonia, Germany, the Netherlands and Slovakia) have signed an agreement ACTA. On behalf of the Polish government signed an agreement Polish ambassador to Japan, Jadwiga Rodowicz. 4 July 2012. The European Parliament rejected the agreement in the plenary session, 478 voters were against the treaty, 39 and 165 MPs abstained. "

    So chocholi dance passengers of the Titanic still take some time.

    For now playing music ....

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  • "With all the options available, I stick to the course of the German battleship."

    It is true that lately (from the Greek crisis), some make fun of comic German political correctness but regardless of whether I am deeply convinced that the fate of Europe (EU) depends on Germany.

    And not just from the government but from what is in this country's political history, which ferments there, what hatches. Also, as an alternative to the current political course in Europe.

    It's far more important for the situation in Poland than local elections.

    So, I think that should go over the German battleship. "Today Russia is the key to Europe's security. Firstly, energy security, because of Russian energy resources depend on the production capacities of European industry. Secondly, as you can see physical security, for the Russians a real fight against terrorism, where the West proved to be helpless and indeed ridiculed and discredited.

    What will be in this situation with the position of our country, which is likely to happen this calamity that will rule alone right? Specifically, how you will behave the president Duda, supported by right-wing government Szydło lady and the new foreign minister in a new situation in which not only did no one wants to die for Ukraine, but above all counts realpolitik in the region. "

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